Five Pillars Capital’s “Heathrow Skyline” obtains Section 21 of FSMA 2000 Approval

Five Pillars Capital is delighted to announce that on 25th October 2019 its iconic “Heathrow Skyline” project obtained Section 21 of FSMA 2000 Approval.

The Section 21 of FSMA 2000 approval allows Five Pillars Capital investment to be marketed to a wider audience. In addition to being distributable to elective or professional investors and certified Sophisticated/HNWI’s, they may also target Restricted Investors, essentially retail individuals, who pledge not to invest any more than 10% of their disposable net worth in non-readily realisable securities.

 “We are delighted to announce that Five Pillars Capital obtained section 21 of FSMA 2000 sign off, this allows us to target our investment opportunities to a wider range of investors giving them underlying comfort that our investment documentation has been prepared, validated, verified and approved by a competent and FCA authorised party to be fair, true and not misleading. With a series of positive news in the media we believe this is the last piece in the puzzle for Five Pillars Capital, as it allows investors to have all the benefits from property from an armchair basis giving them comfort that all claims and representations made by Five Pillars Capital have been verified as being objectively true” Says Dav Sehra Chief Investment Officer.

With over 100 years of combined experience from the senior management team in construction, property and finance. Five Pillars Capital is currently in the process of acquiring two further sites in West and East London generating a further 630 units with a proposed £200m gross development value in the planning process in order to help the government achieve its housing targets as set out in The House of Commons briefing paper “Tackling the under-supply of housing in England” December 2018.

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