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Five Pillars Capital (FPC) is a real estate developer based in the United Kingdom. The experienced team combines an innovative approach with an outstanding track record, to delight both clients and investors. Specialising in commercial and residential development spaces, Five Pillars Capital owns and manages developments - from idea conception through to delivery - ensuring high standards and world class quality are met at every stage. We are passionate about what we do and how we do it; our approach to recognise, understand and seize new opportunities in an ever changing real estate market is at the core of our business. Through understanding the economic, social, political and demographic needs of a location - and valuing the aims of our investors - we deliver innovative and aspirational living spaces and working environments in which our clients are proud to live and work in.

Our Services

Project Execution

We are committed to providing the highest standards of expertise at all levels in order to achieve the best results from acquisition, design and planning, through to project delivery and sales.

Professional Advice

We strive to provide you with all of the knowledge, support and resources you need to ensure a smooth journey.

Collaborative Approach

Our diligent, professional and experienced team work in an environment which encourages ideas, innovation and discussion to exceed both ours and your expectations.

Industry Experts

Our trusted team of Partners and well renowned experts are working with us to ensure your experience with us is effective and hassle-free.

Our Team

Jag Sekhon

Jag Sekhon

Chief Executive Officer

Jag Sekhon is the Chief Executive Officer of Five Pillars Capital.  With over 25 years’ experience, Mr Sekhon is a seasoned professional who has extensive experience in creating strategy, framework and tactics, as well as providing a structured road map for multi layered investors.

Mr Sekhon has delivered numerous real estate schemes over the years and more recently delivering a £25m West London portfolio which has been strategically composed of land, long term rentals and high street commercial properties for an overseas investor. Mr Sekhon structured multiple acquisitions for this portfolio giving the investor a high yield rent, security and long term growth.

Mr Sekhon has the vision and skills to make complex partnerships work, a corporate professional whom successfully bridges the gap between investor and company. He will be a major factor in leading the development of Five Pillars Capital and executing its long-term strategies.

Monsoor Chowdhury BA (Hons) FCCA

Monsoor Chowdhury BA (Hons) FCCA

Chief Financial Officer

Monsoor is the Chief Financial Officer for Five Pillars Capital. He specialises in all aspects of financial accounting, from accounts preparation and tax compliance to corporate finance and investment analysis whereby he manages and controls the technicalities of the finance and reporting aspects on a daily basis.

Prior to joining Five Pillars, he spent many years carrying out comprehensive services for new, small and globally established organisations. With over two decades of commercial and industrial experience primarily in the financial services sector, Mr Chowdhury has successfully strategized and helped a multitude of companies reach their financial goals. As a Chief Financial Advisor for Amshold Group, Mr Chowdhury worked directly with Lord Alan Sugar for over 8 years and was instrumental in building the financial structure and support of Amshold. He has also managed the books of many PLC companies and has spent years building the reputation of both the companies and people he works with. Operating in a heavily regulated environment, illustrates his ability to work both ethically and diligently in an ever changing market.

Holding a senior position at Apex Accountancy since 2009 and a fully chartered accountant, Mr Chowdhury is passionate about the work he does and dedicated to driving Five Pillars Capital’s future by helping achieving long term financial success.

Davinder Sehra

Davinder Sehra

Chief Investment Officer

Davinder started his professional career at Mansell Construction PLC, whereby he qualified under the graduate scheme as a quantity surveyor. Within this time he worked on a range of projects covering all aspects of construction including, social housing, heritage, luxury fit-out and commercial working for clients such as Deutsche Bank, Middle Eastern Royal Families and the Palace Of Westminster.

With his wealth of contacts in the City and key financial hubs such as Hong Kong, Switzerland, and New York, Davinder found himself moving from Construction and into fund management. With a combined knowledge in Construction and Finance, Davinder joined a UK developer as Chief Investment Officer in 2016 where he played a pivotal role in the day to day operations of the company, and works on finding innovative and dynamic ways in funding projects giving maximum returns to the company and its shareholders.

Mr Sehra is responsible for the day to day financial planning, risk management and reporting of the company to its stakeholders. From 2016/2018 Mr Sehra successfully raised £35.6m of private equity from sophisticated investors into structured real estate investment in the UK.

With a core primary focus of achieving institutional and high net worth investment into “essential industries” these industries being those that offer a high degree of stability to investors which are more resilient in economic downturns. Mr Sehra will be driving the company forward and pushing the boundaries of asset backed overseas investment into the UK.  Five Pillars Capital appointed Davinder Sehra as Chief Investment Officer for its forthcoming projects.

Rob Syms B.Eng (Hons), MSc, FRSA

Rob Syms B.Eng (Hons), MSc, FRSA

Construction Director

Rob Syms is the Construction Director for Five Pillars Capital, Rob is a forward thinker who employs proactive management as well as continued reflection techniques which provides the ability to act decisively under pressure whilst maintaining the highest levels of service delivery.

People management skills evolved through working with autonomy and designation. Delegation to individuals with diverse technical and professional experience and has resulted in achieving optimum results and meeting deadlines.

Motivation and training to build an efficient and effective team, working towards a common goal, is core strength. So too is the ability to give presentations and communicate new ideas and concepts to external and internal clients at the highest level.

Robert has over 30 years’ experience managing complex development projects in the UK, US and Europe and has advised many ‘Blue Chip’ organisations including, Legal & General, Standard Life, Arthur Andersen, Gucci Group & Soho Estates.

Keith Parker MAPM

Keith Parker MAPM

Development Director

Keith Parker is the Development Director for Five Pillars Capital is a highly experienced project manager with over 30 years’ experience on a wide variety of projects including PFI schemes, education, health, railways residential and the retail sector.

He has a background in quantity surveying and has majored in project management with Railtrack.

Keith will bring strategic level planning, implementation and cost management ensuring that the project is to budget and construction program.

Tim Ohlson

Tim Ohlson

Supply Chain Director

Tim Ohlson is the Supply Chain Director for Five Pillars Capital, he also holds a senior position with Construct Consulting. Over the past 15 years Tim has built extensive relationships in construction, building a supply chain of market leading subcontractor firms at competitive tender pricing.

Tim has worked closely with some of the UK’s largest construction and housebuilding firms strategically advising them on the procurement and supply chain process.

Having successfully procured over £200 million in contracts for Construct Consulting in public and private housebuilding, fit-out, industrial and civil engineering, support services, retail, commercial construction and refurbishment. Tim is currently working on some of London’s largest and upcoming projects.

Deanne Faurie

Deanne Faurie

Sales & Marketing Director

Deanne whom heads the Sales & Marketing division for Five Pillars Capital has been working in the construction industry for over 10 years, and has a wide range of experience ranging from recruitment, land sourcing and business development.

With her vast knowledge of the construction industry Deanne has been able to use her experience in the different sectors to work alongside companies helping them look at strategic ways of improving the company structure from looking at alternative cost solutions for projects through to marketing plans.

Deanne has strategically helped build companies profiles through social media to increase brand awareness by remodelling there marketing plan.



Chartered Quantity Surveyor

Mike Bull is the Chartered Quantity Surveyor for Five Pillars Capital, whom has outstanding experience in providing clients with an excellent service across the Project Management, Cost Consultancy and Health & Safety disciplines. He is committed to motivational leadership and has been rewarded by a dedicated and loyal team who share his passion for customer service.

Mike has worked on an extensive range of different schemes over the years in sectors including healthcare, education, community, office, residential, mixed use, heritage, retail and industrial.
Mike works closely with clients on complex cost planning, feasibility and option appraisals. He supports clients through these early stages of projects, ensuring they get planning approval for schemes they can afford and all possible construction solutions have been tested and considered.

He has a practical understanding of commercial and construction issues and can advise on areas of risk for refurbishment, conversion or new build. He has the ability to carry out cost audits and due diligence on major projects.

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